Monday, May 12, 2014

Google today celebrates 14 years exist in Internet

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With a very nice and colorful, doodle Google celebrates its 14th anniversary. It was a day like today, but in 1998 when Segura Brin and Larry Page saw realized his dream to have created an excellent search engine on the net. From there, it's been so many things and ourselves have witnessed a breakthrough without setbacks in order to unify different services on the Internet.

A time to date, Google is no longer just a search engine to become a huge suite of applications that have helped millions of people in the development of their projects. Although all (or almost all) know their products, it is not more talk of some of them.

Google Chrome, is the browser from Google that has always been known for being faster and safe than others. I'd say is one of the products of this great company logo.

Youtube, is the ideal place from which you can upload and view videos that you want. It Google Docsis a variety of the style of Office Online tools, but absolutely for free. Google Driveis a hard drive in the cloud. A place where you can store your files and access them from any computer in the world with your Google account.

Blogger, a platform or content management system in the world from which you can open, edit, and maintain a blog on which you can write about what more you are passionate about free and without restrictions.

Google +, It is a kind of social network, the exact fusion of tools that allow you to communicate with your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers and interact with them in real time. It is the consolidation of a super application with unlimited possibilities.

And so, there are many more Google products that have served us sometime to realize our dreams of one form or another. For that and much more, Happy birthday Google!