Wednesday, February 25, 2015



A few nice breaking celebrity news images I found:

NO SOPA PIPA breaking celebrity news
Image by Phototropy The land of the free and ... Flickreens are also in danger The internet is gearing up for a fight, several sites have pledged to go dark on January 18 in protest of SOPA and PIPA, the internet blacklist legislation currently making their way through Congress. Below is a list of confirmed sites joining in : 3.The entire Cheezburger Network 5.Hacktivist group, Anonymous 6.Red 5 Studios, developer of the Firefall MMO and Popular MMO, Minecraft 8.NLB Creations 9.Webmaster community Admin Forums 10.Web design company, 11.Gaming site Video Game Generation 12.Right Angle Recording 13.All sites in Major League Gaming’s network 15.Errata Security 16.XDA Developers 17.Gaming site, 18.Hey It’s Free! 19.Harder Blogger Faster 20.Colossal Mind 21.Sonic Retro 23.Working It Out 26.NewGrounds 27.Through the Eyes of a Pirate 28.Cynical Brit 29.Platform Nation 30.Digital Suicide 31.Kahn Labs 32.Jamacast 33.CryptoCat 34.Joyblind 35.A Much Better Way 36.[H]ard OCP Gaming Community 38.Boing Boing 39.Inkerro 40.The Weekly Gripe 41.Leslie Networks 42.WordPress for Business Websites 43.Simply Fixed s 44.FriendStream 45.TacticalCraft 47.EcchiDreams 48.RaGEZONE 49.Raspberry Pi 50.LazySlob1 51.GeNyaa 52.Rational Responders 53.Brian Sapient 54.Celebrity Atheists 55.Purpose of Christmas 56.Atheism United 57.Emerald Angel Comics 58.Fairy Tail Episode 59.Vanilla Forums 60.Icrontic 61.New Buddhist 62.This is Xbox 63.CnC Fansite 66.egoArchives 67.Olivero Broadcasting Group 68.BHR Hosting 69.Red Dawn Movie News 70.Splitkick 71.Kona’s Korner 72.Radioactive Nerd 73.Talking About Games 74.GOOD Evening 75.Rage Maker 76.FreakOutNation 77.TheLeakyWiki 78.Doxie Lovers Club 79.Twitpic versions of their site. 80.Age of Coins 81.A Softer World 82.This Is Why Im Broke 83.Cake Wrecks 84.Dance Top 40 85.Code Labs 87.The Ikids Blog 88.MMO Melting Pot 89.Inficron Technologies 91.Geek Culture and the Joy of Tech comic 93.Quiet Speculation I will not be posting tomorrow. This is global, this is now. Published: 1) The Literary Schmorgasboard 2)

Broken guitar breaking celebrity news
Image by Stephen Braund During Malaga Carnival the groups perform songs based on local, regional and national events and news and, although sometimes a little cheeky â€" they make fun of politicians, celebrities, harmless and great fun

Really unreal news.....So sad Chicago has lost an amazing, talented photographer R.I.P. Steve Starr. IMG_0906 breaking celebrity news
Image by Natasha J Photography I can't focus to do anything, This is so sad. I just can't believe it. It' really breaks my heart. Just saw Steve Starr last time the October 20, Red Carpet Fashion Show at The Saloon Steakhouse he was always smiling and so happy to be around... Steve, thank you for being a good friend.